Attraction: The Irresistible Force That Makes It Easier For Him To Return To You

by Mimi Tanner, Author of Hard To Get - The Timeless Art of Conquering a Man's Heart

When a man is deciding if he’s going to get back together with you, attraction must still be present.

This cannot be emphasized enough: attraction is essential!

Attraction is what brought you together to begin with. It’s more important now than ever. In fact, it’s a make or break factor.

Attraction is not the only deciding factor – but it must be present. Without attraction, a man only stays in a relationship for reasons that don’t have much to do with you, and you still have a relationship in trouble.

Attraction will tip the scales decidedly in your favor.

Attraction is not just about appearance, it is about a man’s total reaction to you as a woman and as a person.

Attraction is vital, because attraction is the foundation of romance.

Attraction is Involuntary. We all like being in control, but the things which make us change our lives are often the things which “move” our emotions. These are forces seemingly outside our control which profoundly affect our lives.

It can be a special cause, it can be a faith experience, and it can be a person that we fall in love with. The fact that attraction is involuntary is good news for a broken relationship.

You already have a history of strong mutual attraction with this man. If a man can be attracted to you once, he can certainly become attracted to you again. It’s almost a certainty.

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